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From NOK 500

Don't want to follow along with a guided tour?  Have good skills and do not want to be held back by those who are less experienced?  Or maybe you simply want to explore at your own pace.  Rent a quality kayak and accessories at affordable prices and make your own adventure!  We have everything you need to prepare for a cozy afternoon paddle or a full-blown expedition!  


Rental prices include: kayak, paddle & PFD.

Prices listed on Booking calendar page are per kayak NOT per person! :)  Select pick-up date and return date. Prices are variable during first 7 days. Any early returns will be priced at the actual rental duration, rather than purchased duration.


Prices for Sea Kayaks (NOK) 

(pickup/drop-off between 08:30-16:30)
  Single Double
1 day 500,- 750,-
2 days 750,- 1400,-
3 days 1400,- 2000,-
7 days 2000,- 3000,-
Daily rate for > 7 days 260,- 400,-
After hours return fee*  250,- 250,-


* to be charged on day of return.


Additional gear can be rented at the shop, please see prices below.

Prices for other paddling gear


Per day

Per weekend

Per week

River kayak 400 kr. 950 kr. 2500 kr.
Canoe 300 kr. 600 kr. 1900 kr.
Dry suit 300 kr. 500 kr. 1250 kr.
Throw bag 30 kr.    
Tow rope 50 kr.    
Kayak trolley 50 kr.    
Dry suit 300 kr. 500 kr. 1250 kr.
Long Johns 100 kr. 250 kr. 700 kr.
Chart 30 kr.    
Compass (sea kayak) 50 kr.    
Roof rack (for kayaks) 100 kr.    
Dry bag (accessories) 30 kr.    
Dry bag- 24-90L 70 kr. 150 kr.  
Dry bag- 12-24L 50 kr. 100 kr.  
Dry bag- 1,5-10L 30 kr. 70 kr.  




















Contact us and we'll help get you in the gear you need to turn a trip into an adventure!

From NOK 500

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  • Unique scenery

  • Bird sanctuary

  • Numerous WW2 relics around to explore

  • Both exposed and closed water passages

  • Solid equipment

  • Experienced team to help you on your way


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