4-day Kayak trip

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Our 4-day sea kayak trip is an excellent way to cover more ground than a guided daily trip or overnight trip and camping is a great way to relax and imerse youself in the moment.  Join a public scheduled trip to meet and hangout with interesting people with similar interests, or book a private tour.


We provide all kayak gear, your tent and main meals.  Guests need to bring any personal items including toiletries and bedding (sleeping bag and pad).  Bedding can be rented.

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Meet at our shop on Herdla the morning of the departure.  Your guide will explain the route, go through a safety briefing, and help get all participants packed for the trip.  We will depart from our base on Herdla, where we will paddle out for the next 3 days- either returning to our shop or being picked-up at our destination. The paddle day will be broken up by short breaks, meals, and some sightseeing/hikes before breaking to make camp for the night.


  • Experience the coastal fjords and islands of Western Norway from sea level
  • Any transportation required is included
  • 4 days on the water with an experienced kayak guide
  • Guide will help you set up camp and prepare all meals


  1. Herdla